My faucet step by step

Here is the step by step guideline you asked for.

What is a faucet ?

A faucet is a site that allows visitors to earn money for free by completing one or more captchas. It is an easy method to make money. All you have to do is click a button. (here is an example)

Some people create their own faucets because it's also a way to make money, but it's more difficult. This requires knowledge in programming, it is often necessary to inform its banking information and it is long ...

That's why, at, we worked for you. You can now create your own faucet online very quickly and for free.

If you are interested in creating your own faucet, follow this guide :

How to create my own faucet ?

Because we believe in quality, cleanliness and respect, here are the quick steps to make to create a quality faucet.

Let's imagine I want a faucet with this configuration :

Initialise your faucet

  • Login or register into
  • Click on Faucet Manager
  • Then click on Your faucets
  • Click on Create a new Faucet button
  • Enter all your details and click on Add Faucet button
  • Then select your Primary Currency, timer and payout amount then update.
  • You can configure a Rate Limit if you need
  • Click on show Api Key button and save your Api Key for later use.

Frenom (your own domain for free)

  • Go on
  • Enter a domain you want : f45e49ee7d4e4721995359873e242e18
  • Then click on Check Availability
  • Click on the "Get it now!" button of a domain that suits you
  • In the example I choose
  • Then click on the checkout button
  • Now select "Use DNS" and set the ip address to
  • Select "12 Months @FREE" for a long term use.
  • Then click on continue
  • Register/Login and checkout for free

(Optionnal) My own domain

If you want to use your own domain, in your dns settings, add a A Record, TTL to 300, and Target IP to, Like this :
33ba3417007e0af4722f88dbba7aba87 (your faucet manager)

  • Go on and enter your faucethub api key you save before.
  • Add the same details you enter on and click on the create button

Google Recaptcha

  • Go on Google Recaptcha then enter the details depends on the domain your chose.
    Click on register, then copy/paste your captcha site & secret key inside your faucet configuration :


In order to get money, you need some ads on your website, here are some advertising networks we use:

All you have to do is to create an ad with the same width and height corresponding to a location of this example template. And insert the html code on this location.


If you need to validate your domain, you can edit your dns settings on freenom or use customHeader on your faucet configuration.

Be careful, the more ads you put, the more money you will have, but the longer your site will take to load. Remember this trick ;)

It's finished !

And voila, your faucet is ready ! Spread the news on the faucethub chat to have more and more visitors (without spamming :p). And start earning !

Example created here :


  • Add your own Google Analytics to see more details about your visitor,
  • See more details about all your claims and taxes,
  • SSL Support.

Feel free to ask any questions on our slack or by mail.